Treasure Hunting Tips – Hunting on Land

Holes potter the countryside 28 March 20

Treasure hunting is one fun activity that would leave you with loads of memories to cherish and lots of prizes to win. And it’s an all-round entertainment, with fun, physical activity as well as a healthy dose of adventure rolled into one.

Treasure hunting comes in all shapes and sizes, as it could be land-based, it could be in the beaches, in the wood or even under water. In any case, having a few treasure hunting tips handy would do your chances a world of good and make your venture a profitable one. Let’s deal with some of the useful information that would help when treasure hunting on land.

The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself as familiarised with the area as possible. If you have an idea of where your treasure hunting is going to be, you may want to consult your map beforehand and get some local knowledge of the place where you would spend your time in, searching for the invisible treasure. In all likelihood, you would need a metal detector to help you get the hidden treasures. There are many of them available at reasonably good prices that would stand you in good stead in your expedition.

While you may carry your metal detectors, it is also advisable to have a good set of headphones, as you may miss out on the minute sounds from your metal detector if you are in a loud area surrounded by lots of noise. Do not expect metal detectors to beep till you hear them, as you may want to note the minute variations in sound that would alert you to different locations and possibilities of finding your treasure.

A useful treasure hunting tip would be to carry a strong garden pole or pick to let you poke and dig the ground looking for objects. If you can bring some powerful magnets along, it would help you draw metal pieces and nails together that can be removed easily. You may want to secure your magnet to the end of the stag to reduce the time you may take otherwise in digging and in securing the place. A few other digging tools and magnifying glass could help you save on your time towards your target. Ensure that you wear strong boots and knee pads to reduce risk of injury and insect bites. Keep yourself amply hydrated with lots of water and of course, carry your campus to make your way through the hurdles.

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